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NFT collection, Memecoin and Panda on Cardano

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About Us

Welcome to Hoshi's Pixel World — where art meets technology.

Our pixel art NFT series, inspired by Hoshi the panda, blends creativity with digital innovation. Since our launch in early 2024, we've been dedicated to enriching the Cardano blockchain with a collection that captivates and values.

Our NFTs are more than digital assets—they're keys to exclusive rewards and a testament to community and innovation. Looking ahead, the release of our memecoin, $HOSHI, is not just about crafting a token—it's about fostering a community, sharing a story, and celebrating our beloved panda. Join us on this exciting digital journey with Hoshi.

HOSHI has been doxxed.
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Discover Hoshi's Pixel World, where our limited edition series of 2,222 NFTs brings the captivating tale of Hoshi, the spirited panda, to life.

Each NFT is uniquely crafted from over 240 traits, making every token a distinct piece of our pixel art narrative. Launching in Q2/Q3 2024, these collectibles are gateways to an evolving story and community perks on the Cardano blockchain.

As an NFT owner, you gain more than ownership: expect exclusive airdrops and a front-row seat to Hoshi's digital journey. Join us to collect a slice of pixel paradise and partake in forging a new legacy on Cardano.

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Tokenomics of $HOSHI

Below you can see the breakdown of $HOSHI token distribution.

  • 35% - Presale
    35% of the total supply is allocated for the presale.
  • 31.5% - Initial liquidity
    31.5% goes into providing initial liquidity to ensure smooth trading and stability of the HOSHI token.
  • 10% - Staking
    10% is set aside for staking rewards to incentivize long-term holding and participation in the ecosystem.
  • 7% - NFT Holders (3 Airdrops)
    7% of the tokens are allocated to NFT holders, rewarding those who invest in and hold our NFTs.
  • 6% - Development (Vested, 1 year)
    6% is reserved for future developments and unforeseen expenses.
  • 6% - Partner
    6% will be distributed to partners to foster collaborations and strategic alliances.
  • 4.5% - Team (Vested, 1 year)
    4.5% is set aside for the team to incentivize development and operations.


HOSHI Step 1

Step 1 - Q1 2024

  • Establish Hoshi’s Pixel World’s foundation.
  • Create and refine over 240 unique traits for the NFT collection.
  • Initiate the first community-building efforts.
HOSHI Step 2

Step 2 - Q2 2024

  • Launch official Discord and Twitter accounts to connect with our community.
  • Improve and unveil the Hoshi’s Pixel World website.
  • Expand the NFT trait collection and finalize preparations for launch.
HOSHI Step 3

Step 3 - Q2/Q3 2024

  • Publish the Hoshi's Pixel World collection which includes 2222 NFTs.
  • Grow social media presence and community engagement.
  • Set membership and follower goals for Discord and social media platforms.
HOSHI Step 4

Step 4 - Q3 2024

  • Strengthen the Hoshi community through events and interactions.
  • Begin development of $HOSHI tokenomics and infrastructure.
  • Achieve targeted social media and community milestones.
HOSHI Step 5

Step 5 - Q3/Q4 2024

  • Launch $HOSHI memecoin on the Cardano blockchain.
  • Distribute the first series of $HOSHI airdrops to NFT holders.
  • Evaluate and plan for future developments and community initiatives.
HOSHI Step 6

Step 6 - ?

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An NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a unique digital asset representing ownership of specific content like art or music on the blockchain, with each token being one-of-a-kind.

To buy an NFT from our Cardano-based collection:

1. Set up a digital wallet: Ensure you have a Cardano-compatible wallet such as Nami, Yoroi, or Eternl.

2. Purchase ADA: Obtain ADA, the cryptocurrency used on the Cardano network.

3. Connect to a marketplace: Visit the JPG Store, connect your wallet, and be ready to purchase once our collection is released (coming soon).

The Cardano blockchain was selected for its high security, low fees, and eco-friendly infrastructure, making it suitable for sustainable digital asset management.

Join our community by following us on , and participating in discussions on our .

For technical issues, contact us at or visit our for assistance.

Future plans include launching the $HOSHI memecoin, which will be airdropped to NFT holders. Details are available in the Roadmap section of our website.